A deep-dive in SAP Fiori My Inbox


Every last Thursday of the month, we organize our INNOV8iON Days. The INNOV8iON Days focus on the latest technologies. Each INNOV8iON Day we select a new technology. These are researched and presented by colleagues to colleagues. A small selection of the 2023 topics: The main goal of the INNOV8iON Days is to stay as up-to-date […]

SAP CAP: Cloud Application Programming model: Deep-dive


What is it and what can I do with it as a developer? For several years, SAP has made a new technique available for building custom applications. Besides the fact that we as developers can build Fiori applications on existing techniques using SEGW services and RAP, we can now do the same with CAP. In […]

SAP CAP: Cloud Application Programming model


SAP CAP: What is it and what can I do with it within my organization? For several years, SAP has made a technique available for building custom applications. In addition to us developers being able to build Fiori applications on existing techniques, we can now do so with CAP (Cloud Application Programming model). Now the […]

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): What is it and what are the benefits?


What is SAP Analytics Cloud? Business Intelligence (BI) is booming business. More and more companies want to be able to make data-based decisions and implement data-based policies. A lot companies hold a wealth of information in the form of data. Often stored in systems such as SAP HANA. However, it can be difficult to gain […]

Highlights SAP TechEd Opening Keynote 2022


SAP TechEd 2022. This year’s TechEd was in a hybrid format. You could join digitally. Or you had the possiblitie to actually join the event in Vegas. And therefor also join the hands-on sessions. This year, we chose to keep the ‘Barcelona vibe’ of last year. Over tapas and sangria and a Spanish-decorated office, we […]

Highlights SAP TechEd Developer keynote 2022


The SAP TechEd content is great, right?! Especially the Developer Keynote. That’s what I (Wim Snoep) thought when I saw it lined-up in the TechEd agenda. A must-see! My enthusiasm diminished a bit when I saw the actual schedule: 1:30 a.m. Dutch time. Fortunately, all sessions can be watched back. This year the TechEd proceeded […]

Turn up the heat


It’s Thursday night, the kids are in bed. So a good time to turn on the television. Coincidence or not, a new episode of ‘Kamp van Koningsbrugge’ is starting. A great Dutch television show about perseverance and team spirit during a Special Forces command training. Participants have been awake for hours. They’ve hardly eaten and […]

Fiori Analytics: Keeping an eye on you


How to even further improve the user experience with Fiori analytics Do you like to know how fit you are? When, where, for how long you exercised and how you’ve done compared to the last several times? Many people are wearing fitness trackers or installed a running app on their phone. This smart piece of […]

Do you ever ask for feedback?


Within our daily life we receive feedback, but also ask others for their opinion. By receiving feedback, we learn and grow by knowing what works and what might need improvement. Wouldn’t it be of great value to also get continuous feedback during our work while using applications? Explicit feedback vs implicit feedback As highlighted above, […]

Kick start your career at INNOV8iON?


What does that start of your career look like? What are you actually going to do? How do other starters experience it? In this aritcle, Julian Kuipers gives you a peek behind the scenes and tells you what it’s like to start your career at INNOV8iON. In August 2020, I (Julian Kuipers) started working at […]