Fiori in practice: RCN, National Office for the Caribbean

Last year we as INNOV8iON designed and implemented, together with our sister company iQibt, a new business management system for the Shared-Service organization of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN). In this article we briefly share our experiences with this exceptional customer.

New business management system based on SAP Cloud technology

As described, RCN was in need of a new system to manage their financial and purchasing processes. Since this is obviously a significant investment, it was very important that the new system met all their future requirements. After an extensive orientation process RCN chose SAP S/4HANA Cloud in combination with SAP Ariba and SAP Fiori as their new user interface.

Our project team spent less than a year on setting up the new system. But how did the entire implementation process go? Together with RCN we started the project by identifying various business processes. Then we discussed the possibilities in SAP and how we could adjust the system to their wishes as well as possible.

As standard as possible

An important part of this phase was to investigate the available Fiori applications. Thanks to the huge amount of standard Fiori applications, we were able to limit the amount of customization as much as possible. And if there was any functionality missing, we explored the possibilities of an extension of the app or we reverted to the classic SAP transactions (thanks to the WebGUI it’s very easy to create new Fiori tiles for these classic transactions). An example of an extension we implemented is the possibility to calculate a SHA256 hash of a payment file in the corresponding Fiori application. Translated with (free version)

After the realization phase, in November 2021 we were finally able to travel to Bonaire for the first time. It was very nice to finally see the team in person. It works differently when you are physically together, than when there is a screen in between. During our stay we gave several workshops to the employees of RCN about for example the use of SAP Fiori. We also supported RCN in testing all their business processes in the new system. We have also been busy with the data migration. For the data migration we have mainly used the new SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit.

Successfully live within a year

In January 2022, we were allowed to return to this beautiful island one more time to provide additional support during the Go-live of the system. Fortunately this transition went without any problems. RCN successfully migrated all their processes to one system. And as result their purchasing and financial processes are seamlessly connected. In addition, RCN does not have to spend time maintaining the system because the updates are offered automatically from SAP, as the system is offered as a SaaS Cloud solution. And last but not least, because of the use of SAP Fiori as a user interface, the team of RCN now work intuitively and use the same way of working. They therefor increase efficiency and reduce mistakes. In other words, the customer is happy. And of course, if the customer is happy, we are happy as well.


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