Highlights SAP TechEd Developer keynote 2022

The SAP TechEd content is great, right?! Especially the Developer Keynote. That’s what I (Wim Snoep) thought when I saw it lined-up in the TechEd agenda. A must-see! My enthusiasm diminished a bit when I saw the actual schedule: 1:30 a.m. Dutch time. Fortunately, all sessions can be watched back.

This year the TechEd proceeded a little differently compared to last year. This year went a little differently than last year. Last year there was an adapted scenario. This year was very different, and of course also because the TechEd could again take place in person on a stage. This time, during the Keynote, people took turns telling about developments, the hands-on sessions of the day, and the various demos. The famous “blue beard,” developer advocate Josh Bentley talked it all up. Keynote SAP TechEd: What came up?


De BTP Setup automator

The BTP Setup automator is a very useful open-source tool that allows you to define various BTP resources in JSON definitions. You can then share these ‘definition files’ with others and use them to automate further setup, such as setting up 10 trial accounts and preparing them for training. DJ Adams presented this piece and compared it to the also already available boosters in BTP, which have a similar purpose.


Nice to see you can define this in JSON and also automate it via scripting. By the way, SAP itself also uses the setup automator to prepare BTP accounts for the TechEd hands-on tasks.


In addition to the many demos, there was also a focus on the BTP free tier. There was also a shout-out about the BTP Free edition, in which you can use, for example, SAP Analytics and Datawarehouse cloud for free, yes really for free. Numerous services are free to use in this. The advantage of the free account over a trial is that trial cannot be used productively. With the free tier you can, you only pay when you go beyond the limits of free use.

Easy UI5 generator

Continuing again with some demos. The Easy UI5 generator. The name covers it. This helps you generate a ui5 app very easily by asking some questions.


Then, we were shown what “Fiori tools” can do in VS Code. One step further, within a few clicks a custom control was visible in the app.


Two more opensource tools were showcased in the UI5 field: Wdi5 and ui5 journey recorder. With the UI5 journey recorder, you can simply record a test (journey). Like clicking a button, filling in a value, navigating to a page. Very easy by just performing this as a user in the application in browser. Are you done? Then press the stop button and the scenario is recorded. What wdi5 can do next is run the recorded test for you. Then you are able to write your test conditions in code.


Done? Then you’re ready for a test. For that, you use the web driver. If you want the test to run automatically, use the tool to start up your browser, it performs the steps as you recorded them earlier and tests for the conditions you named, and you exit again.

Artificial Intelligence

In this demo, BTP’s various AI components were deployed to recognize poker cards! Such as AI launchpad, SAP AI core & SAP AI business services.


CAP op Kyma

A rather delightfully technical demo he deployment of a CAP model on Kyma was showcased. Kyma is the Kubernetes-based runtime that runs alongside Cloud Foundry.



A nice ending to the Developer Keynote was the announcement of the winners of DEVToberFest. This contest runs prior to SAP TechEd. Here you can earn points in various categories with assignments. These assignments are accompanied by many great content presentations on the latest SAP Technologies. In case you didn’t get around to following these sessions, they can all still be watched back, just like the SAP TechEd presentations.


It was another great developer keynote. For me personally a highlight of the SAP TechEd and definitely a session that may stay. Strong to see so much hands-on coding and also a brief look back at the keynote from earlier and the role of developer advocates in it as well.

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