How to simply activate a Fiori App?

When you’re just starting with Fiori, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the new terms and information. In this blog you’ll discover how to activate a SAP Fiori application in five simple steps:

Step 1. Consult the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.

If you want to activate Fiori applications, the Fiori Apps Reference Library is your best friend. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of available standard Fiori applications and you can find information about the required components and other details relevant to activating the app.

Not sure yet which app you need? Within the Fiori Apps Library there are several possibilities to find apps; there are all kinds of filters available and you can also search on a classic SAP transaction code, for example.

Figure 1: SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library

Step 2. Check availability for your system

When you have found a Fiori application that you would like to activate, you must first check whether the app is available for your system. Select the right delivery date under the tab ‘Implementation Information’. Not sure what version your system has? Under ‘Installation’ you can see an overview of the required components.

Figure 2: Viewing the required components

Next, you can look up in the SAP GUI which product version your system is running on. To do this, go to: System – > Product Version.

Once you have found the right delivery date, you can actually start activating the application. The steps that need to be performed, may depend on the type of app: for example, for WebGUI apps, no additional services need to be activated.

Step 3: Activate the ICF-nodes

Go to the Configuration tab. Under SAPUI5 Application you will find a list of ICF nodes that need to be activated on the front-end server. Open the SAP GUI and go to transaction SICF. Here you can search for the technical name and/or path of the required ICF nodes. Activate the node if this is not already done.

Figure 3: ICF codes to be activated
Figure 4: ICF-node search in transaction SICF

Step 4: Activate the OData-services

Next, you check which OData services need to be activated. For this you can use transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE. Find the name of the service(s) and activate them if this has not already been done. Are you working with different SAP systems? Then don’t forget to add the OData service to a transport order.

Figure 5: Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

Step 5: Review the authorizations

We’re almost done. To access the app you still need the proper authorizations. For most Fiori apps, there are standard SAP roles available that you can just assign to your user to get quick access to the app. These are also listed under the ‘Configuration’ tab.

Figure 6: Standard SAP-roles which the app is assigned to

However, with such a default role you also get immediate access to all kinds of other applications that you probably don’t need all of them. In such cases it is more convenient to create a new catalog/group in the Fiori Launchpad Designer. Then you can use transaction code PFCG to create a new role for your catalog/group.

Figure 7: SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer

Hooray! The Fiori application is now active. If you performed the previous steps correctly, the app should now be available on your Fiori Launchpad. Does an error message appear on your screen when you open the application? We know from experience that the list of required services in the Fiori Apps Library is not always complete. Fortunately, in such cases you can often see in the error message or in the console of the browser which component is still missing.

Do you need to activate a large amount of apps at once? Then it is more convenient to use a mass activation tool. For example, you can use the task list ‘SAP_FIORI_CONTENT_ACTIVATION’ in transaction STC01 to activate all apps associated with a specific role. We may dedicate a separate blog to this in the future.

Below a short video about how to activate a Fiori application. If you have any questions left or of you want to know more about SAP Fiori? Please feel free to contact us

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