INNOV8iON achieves SAP User Experience Expertise status.

INNOV8iON started in October 2018 to help organizations accelerating their business by using the latest SAP technologies like SAP Fiori, RPA, SAP Cloud and SAP BTP. In recent years, the demand for SAP Fiori developers increased. So the Utrecht-based company specialized more and more on improving user experience.

SAP Fiori In the past, SAP was not always known for its dynamic user interface. With the introduction of Fiori, the German software company made great strides in the field of working smarter and more intuitively. Xander Rijken, founder of INNOV8iON says: “Fiori makes a significant difference when you look at improving the user experience. You notice that more and more organizations are now carefully making the switch to Fiori, but also struggle with how to best deploy Fiori.” A common problem, according to Rijken, is that organizations don’t know where to start. “Because of the amount of apps, companies don’t overlook how Fiori can improve the way they work”, continues Rijken, “The SAP Partnership is therefore of great strategic importance to INNOV8iON. Our goal is to take the User Experience within the Dutch SAP market to another level, so that organizations get the most out of their business. By working together with SAP more intensively and by combining our strengths, we can really help organizations to take the step towards a renewed and smarter way of working.”.

Rijken also believes that obtaining the SAP Partnership is a great compliment. “In recent years, our employees have invested a lot of time and energy in positioning Fiori and sharing their knowledge to SAP users within the SAP Community. We have achieved this expertise status partly by developing and providing workshops, training courses and presentations. It is therefore a confirmation that this is seen and appreciated.”

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