INNOV8iON supports Children’s Aid Africa

Kinderhulp Afrika is a charitable organisation that since 1987 has been looking after the most vulnerable children in Uganda, the orphans. Their goal is to see children grow up to be healthy independent individuals. Therefore Kinderhulp Afrika offers these children education, shelter, spiritual and medical care so that they can later provide for themselves in every area of their lives.

INNOV8iON supports this foundation where it can. Xander Rijken, founder of INNOV8iON, is actively involved in the foundation and worked on several large ICT projects. The ICT projects were aimed at supporting the back office of Kinderhulp Afrika by implementing a CRM system and Office 365. These systems made it easier to maintain contacts with the sponsors, sponsor holders and Uganda. He is also a board member of the foundation. Rijken: “It is nice to contribute something to a better world with your knowledge. That gives me great satisfaction. From INNOV8iON and the team, we also notice enthusiasm and the will to contribute something. As INNOV8iON, we are therefore investigating how we can contribute even more, from IT projects to training courses, so that the children can go along with the digitalisation and have a chance of a better future.”

New Jeep

This summer, the jeep of Children’s Aid Africa broke down. And in a country like Uganda, a car is indispensable. The four-wheeler is used to make all kinds of trips. From simple things like getting the necessary groceries, to a ride from the clinic to the bush to check the health of babies and give them the necessary vaccinations.

Children's Aid Africa INNOV8iON

Om een nieuwe jeep aan te schaffen startte de stichting een crowdfundingsactie. Kinderhulp Afrika kan via een bevriende organisatie een Toyota Landcruiser overnemen en heeft na diverse donaties en de inruil van de kapotte Jeep nog zo’n 8.000 euro nodig. INNOV8iON doneerde 2.000 Euro aan de stichting en werkt daarnaast actief mee aan de crowdfundingsactie. Wil je dit initiatief ook steunen? Dat kan via de onderstaande QR-Code.


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