Integrate app into Work Zone from a different subaccount

Not long ago, I (Julian Kuipers) was given a task that looked easy at first but turned out to be quite a puzzle. My job was to integrate a custom Fiori application, which has its own standalone approuter, into SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition. The tricky part was that the Fiori app and the SAP Build Work Zone were in different subaccounts, which made things more complicated.

To figure out how to do this, I first looked at the official SAP instructions, which you can find here: SAP Help Portal. These instructions are pretty good, but I found they didn’t cover everything I needed to know.

So, I came up with my own plan to make it work, this I wrote in a new blog. I delve into the integration of a SAP Fiori application into SAP Build Work Zone, tackling integration challenges. Ideal for those interested in app integration strategies for SAP Build Work Zone. Read the full insights in my blog here.

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