The five main benefits of SAP Fiori

SAP is making great progress with SAP Fiori, however, many organizations are still unaware of the added value Fiori offers. We have listed the five main advantages below:

1. Improved user experience

The biggest advantage of SAP Fiori is of course the improved user experience. Fiori has clear screens that have been developed from the user’s perspective. This increases productivity considerably. In addition, you can easily personalize the different screens, so you always have easy access to your most frequently used applications.

2. Rapid adaptation

Fiori is also a great solution for new users. The classic SAP transactions have of course been used for decades, but are not exactly intuitive for new users. In 2021, we (iQibt and INNOV8iON) developed a new SAP system for the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) where the end users mainly use SAP Fiori. During the training period we really noticed that the users mastered the new Fiori applications much faster than the classic SAP transactions. The Fiori apps also have a similar style, so the knowledge the users had gained in one Fiori application could also be applied to other apps. This allowed RCN to save a lot of time (and money) on training.

3. A wide range of standard applications

Thousands of standard Fiori apps are available in the Fiori Apps Library. Thanks to the extensive range, the amount of customization can be limited. Apps can be installed quite easily. Is there any functionality missing in an app? SAP offers various possibilities for creating extensions to existing apps. In most cases, this can be done in an ‘upgrade-safe’ manner, so your changes will not be affected by any software updates from SAP.

4. Improved flexibility and responsive design

Fiori works in a variety of browsers and can also be used on mobile devices. We now live in a time where hybrid working has become the norm for many companies. SAP Fiori fits well with this need, as you no longer have to rely on the SAP GUI to perform your work.

5. Keeping up with innovation

Artificial intelligence, data analytics and Cloud services are terms that are nowadays indispensable in the IT sector. SAP has certainly got this too and offers various solutions for these technologies. Think of analytical Fiori applications with which you can create your own dashboards or a chatbot, including a user-friendly interface to adapt it to your needs. SAP is developing a lot in the field of innovation, but companies still using outdated SAP software unfortunately get very little of this. Switching to Fiori will open up a whole new world of technologies for you, allowing you to get more out of your IT environment and business processes.

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