Unveiling SAP Build WorkZone

Within the expansive SAP Business Technology Platform, a trio of services resides under the SAP Build umbrella, each serving a distinct purpose. SAP Build Apps caters to the creation of low/no-code applications, while SAP Build Process Automation specializes in workflow creation and the automation of attended or unattended processes. Completing this formidable trio is SAP Build WorkZone, a service that transforms the concept of a business site into a centralized hub accessible on any device. In this blog, we delve into the details of SAP Build WorkZone, often referred to as a ‘portal.’


SAP Build WorkZone: A Centralized Launchpad

SAP Build WorkZone seamlessly offers a central startpage or launchpad for SAP Cloud solutions. Acting as a portal, it enables the addition of various tiles for accessing diverse business applications, whether SAP or non-SAP. Beyond structured content, WorkZone accommodates non-structured elements such as document repositories, blogs, videos, and more, creating a user-friendly portal experience.

A Glimpse into History

This isn’t the first time SAP has provided a product like this. SAP previously had an on-premise product like SAP NetWeaver Portal (later SAP Enterprise Portal) and in the cloud a portal service in SAP BTP. While these are no longer part of the active pricelist, SAP Build WorkZone Standard, formerly known as SAP Launchpad Service, continues to be available. SAP Jam, another product related to WorkZone, provided collaborative spaces but has been succeeded by SAP Build WorkZone.

Distinguishing Versions

In the portfolio 3 distinctive versions can be found:

SAP Start, SAP Build WorkZone standard and SAP Build WorkZone advanced. All leveraging the SAP Fiori design system and standard offering the SAP Horizon Theme.

SAP Start

  • Offers access to standard SAP Cloud solutions
  • Offers preconfigured Business content for a desired Line of business.
  • Not possible to add custom tiles/ applications. Focusses on standard.

Standard Version

  • Formerly SAP Launchpad Service, it functions as a portal offering access to various SAP Business apps, resembling an SAP Fiori Launchpad, but offers more;
  • Capable of integrating content from different SAP launchpads into a unified cloud-based business site.
  • Utilizes UI Integration Cards for consuming business content from SAP and third-party solutions, following the SAP Fiori design language.

Advanced Version

  • Expands on the features of the Standard version.
  • Integrates unstructured documents from SharePoint sites, supporting lists, directories, videos, audio, and access to different business apps.
  • Incorporates simple guided procedures facilitated by SAP Build Process Automation.
  • Enables the creation of forums and collaborative spaces for team collaboration.
SAP Build Workzone

While SAP Fiori Launchpad on-premise shares similarities, SAP Build WorkZone offers more extensive options for both cloud and on-premise applications, and ability to use structured and unstructured content.

Adding Content to WorkZone

Content can be added to WorkZone by integrating apps from the BTP HTML5 repository or connecting via the cloud connector to access on-premise systems. Apps can be configured to open via dedicated tiles, covering a wide range of formats, from ABAP/Java WebDynpro to SAPUI5 apps. Technically it uses iframes to open the application in the same browsertab, which contributes to the overall user experience. Apps can be added one by one into WorkZone. However an more sophisticated option is also available; This is the configuration of an S/4HANA environment as a content provider. Multiple S/4HANA systems can be connected as content provider. Users can expose the standard roles and apps from their S/4HANA on-premise systems, in one unified page or pages, creating a unified launchpad within WorkZone.

Customization and Domain Integration

SAP Build WorkZone allows customization. For those seeking a personalized touch, custom plugins can be created to tailor the WorkZone experience further. Additionally, users can utilize their own custom domain, simplifying access with a user-friendly URL. Also the look and feel can be adapted, by choosing a different theme or even creating your own.

In Conclusion

The WorkZone portfolio, emerges as a modern product, available in 3 variants to suit varying needs. Whether SAP start, basic or advanced, WorkZone offers an ideal solution for creating a user-friendly portal page, acting as a one-stop-shop for accessing diverse business applications. By integrating content seamlessly, users can enjoy a unified experience, oblivious to the diverse backends powering the applications. As the advanced edition enriches content with unstructured elements, WorkZone becomes a powerful gateway to internal applications, news, documents, and more. Stay tuned as we continue to explore and follow the evolution of this innovative product.

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