Fiori App Development

Training klassiek Fiori apps ontwikkelen – 2 dagen

For this training, we assume that you already have knowledge of the SAP Fiori basic concepts, either through your own knowledge or from our workshop ‘starting with Fiori.

This advanced training is perfect for:

This advanced training is perfect for: Developers who want to develop Fiori applications on an ECC environment and use Gateways and OData Services. This training is technically oriented. Knowledge of ABAP and JavaScript is a plus.

What will you learn?

During this 2-day training, we will take a deep-dive into the different aspects of Full Stack Fiori development.

Fiori UX and architecture

  • Architecture of an application
  • Types of applications
  • Fiori floorplans


  • OData and what is it?
  • Working in segw and SAP Gateway (ABAP and ABAP CDS)


  • Building a UI5 application
  • Using smart controls


  • Using various tasks to build an OData service yourself
  • Constructing your own SAPUI5 application on the basis of various tasks


  • Concrete and applicable tips and tricks.

After this training course

  • You’ll have basic knowledge of building a classic Fiori application on an ECC environment.
  • You’ll know how to create services in the gateway.
  • You’re able to build and deploy a UI5 application based on these service(s) on a gateway environment.

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Fiori App Development
Fiori App Development


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