Fiori AppFactory Development

Fiori Development studio

Do you already have several Fiori Apps successfully in production, but don’t have the capacity scale-up development? The Fiori AppFactory is our in-house development studio, where there is a dedicated team to help you with your app development.

What to expect?

In advance, we map your needs. Think of questions like: What work will you do? What kind of work would you like to outsource? Are there other issues you would like to encounter? etc. Together we will create a way of work. Some advantages:

Our developers have knowledge of both SAP Fiori, SAPUI5 and other programming languages, so we can develop virtually any desired App.
The application is fully aligned with the needs and requirements of the organization through the established Design Thinking methodology and SAP Best Practices.
Capacity and thus development is assured, because the development is completely taken out of your hands.

Need to develop more Fiori apps, but lack capacity? Contact us and discover the possibilities.
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