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Why move to SAP Cloud?

Many organizations are wondering about the benefits of moving to the SAP Cloud. Below some benefits:
  • A Cloud solution is scalable and therefore flexible;
  • The Cloud provides less maintenance. System upgrades are performed automatically;
  • Systems and applications are therefore always up-to-date;
  • No need to worry about hardware, networks etc.;
  • The Cloud offers many functionalities as a service (SaaS);
  • You pay according to use.

What is the best strategy to move to the SAP Cloud?

Moving from on-premise to the Cloud can be done in several ways. For every organization, the starting point is different and the path to it varies. Also, every organization has different objectives. INNOV8iON works according to an agile working method that enables you to eventually have a cloud strategy that is fully tailored to your situation and innovation ambitions. First, we make an analysis of your SAP landscape. We map out your systems, modules and customizations and deliver a strategic roadmap based on this information. This roadmap describes how best to migrate to the cloud and how to make optimal use of the efficiency, agility and decisiveness that the SAP Platform brings.

How do you use the Cloud to accelerate innovation?

With the SAP Cloud Platform, continuity and innovation go hand in hand. By separating the systems from each other, you ensure the continuity of your critical business processes, while at the same time you are safely able to ‘play’ and experiment with the latest innovations and technologies. The SAP Cloud Platform is the ideal tool to shorten the time to market of new applications. It also minimizes the down-time to your critical processes.
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