Fiori AppFactory
Would your organization like to develop Fiori Apps, but don’t have the development capacity? Or do you find it difficult to identify where exactly the benefits of SAP Fiori lie for your organization? The Fiori AppFactory helps you to get the most out of SAP Fiori. Wether you’re just starting with Fiori or are already using many apps and want to take the next step to complex custom apps.

KickStart Fiori Program

If you are not yet using Fiori, or are using it only minimally, then the KickStart methodology is the best fit for you. We developed this methodology based on the Design Thinking methodology combined with SAP UX related best practices.

5 steps

The methodology consists of 3 fixed steps and 2 additional ones, according to the needs within your organization. Step 1: Identify Together with you we select a process, which is suitable for a ‘pilot’ Fiori App. We develop the selected process into a solid process flow. Step 2: Design During this step we translate the process flow to the ‘pilot’ Fiori App. We will use the existing standard apps from the Fiori App Libary as much as possible. Step 3: Development Next, we’ll add functionality to the App to make it fit your specific needs. We deliver the pilot App by means of a working demo, in which we demonstrate the added value through an old and new situation analysis. If the App fits your requirements, you can choose to actually implement the App within the organization. Below are the two optional follow-up steps. Step 4: implementation (optional) In this phase we test the Fiori App extensively, after which we proceed to the implementation and the Go-Live. Step 5: optimization (optional) During the final phase we look at the other processes and map out the possible logical next steps. You will receive an advisory report with the quick-wins and long-term investments, so that you can get the most out of the processes and your IT environment, step by step and with a minimum of effort.

Fiori AppFactory

Do you already have several Fiori Apps successfully in production, but don’t have the capacity to continue developing? The Fiori AppFactory is our in-house application development studio, where a dedicated team is at your service. Together with you, we look at your needs and agree on what activities you might want to do yourself and what we will pick up for you. Some advantages:
  • Developers have knowledge of both SAP Fiori, SAPUI5 and other programming languages, so we can develop virtually any desired app.
  • The application is fully tailored to the needs and requirements from the organization by the fixed Design Thinking methodology and SAP Best Practices.
  • Capacity is assured, because the development of the application is completely out of your hands.
Starting with Fiori or want to accelerate your development even more? Contact us and discover the possibilities.
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