Webinar: Low-Code in SAP S/4HANA?

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What was the event about?

S/4HANA comes, as we all know, with a huge set of Fiori apps. As each customer has different wishes and would like to adapt ‘the standard’, it is important that you are able to easily adapt those apps. Even if you don’t have a lot of coding skills.

With the new “In-App Extensibility Concept” SAP introduced, there is now a user-friendly way to build and adapt Fiori Apps. For example, you can simply add and rearrange fields in your app. And there are a lot more low-code features which makes your daily job a lot easier.

SAP consultant or developer?

So, are you a SAP consultant or developer? And want to know more about low code-options inside your S/4HANA? Join and:

SAP (functional) Consultants:

  • Discover the main features, pro’s and cons of in-app extensibility;
  • Discuss on personas and usage within your enterprise (key-users);
  • Get some practical tips and insights which add value to your daily job;


  • Learn more about what In-App Extensibility actually does and creates;
  • Compare this to the Restful Application Programming model.

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