Webinar: SAP Development in Visual Studio Code?

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At the base of a happy developer lies great tooling. A well-known example of this is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You’d probably already knew about the proprietary SAP Web IDE and SAP Business Application Studio. But did you know that SAP also embraces other IDE’s?

Visual Studio Code

A common SAP-embraced IDE is Eclipse. In addition to Eclipse, SAP embraces yet another IDE; Visual Studio Code (VS Code). VS Code is a very fast, comfortable and highly customizable development environment, and well known by lots and lots of developers, not only SAP focused. But for which type(s) of development is VS Code best fitting? What are the advantages and key features? Is VS-Code the one-stop-shop IDE which you can use for all of your developments? And what minor or major things do we still miss?

What are the advantages of VS Code?

Watch the recording and learn more about the capabilities and advantages of VS Code for SAP related developments.

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