Do you ever ask for feedback?


Within our daily life we receive feedback, but also ask others for their opinion. By receiving feedback, we learn and grow by knowing what works and what might need improvement. Wouldn’t it be of great value to also get continuous feedback during our work while using applications? Explicit feedback vs implicit feedback As highlighted above, […]

SAP TechEd 2021: Enkele hoogtepunten


Vorige week hebben SAP-liefhebbers wereldwijd kunnen genieten van de nieuwste technologische aankondigingen tijdens de digitale SAP TechEd. Enkele hoogtepunten en de daarbij horende voordelen hebben wij hieronder uitgelicht. SAP Low Code / No Code Business Application Studio Met SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), heeft SAP een zeer krachtige tool gelanceerd. BAS kan worden gebruikt voor […]

Fiori Analytics: Keeping an eye on you


How to even further improve the user experience with Fiori analytics Do you like to know how fit you are? When, where, for how long you exercised and how you’ve done compared to the last several times? Many people are wearing fitness trackers or installed a running app on their phone. This smart piece of […]

Goed Fiori design in een notendop


Snel een prototype ontwikkelen die je kunt testen op de gebruiker is van grote waarde in elke ‘agile werkomgeving’. Daarbij is het van groot belang dat de eindgebruiker en de business continu wordt betrokken. Door het design te testen en aan te passen, ontwikkel je een duidelijke visie over hoe de applicatie waarde toevoegt. Ook […]

Coding becomes easy with In-App Extensibility in SAP S/4HANA


This blog post supplements our webinar about low-code in SAP S/4 HANA. Check the webinar: Low-Code in SAP S/4HANA for more details about this topic. At the end of this blog post, we will discuss the questions that we received during the webinar as well. Extensibility has always been an important aspect of SAP. However, the classical […]

Automate business processes with the power of Machine Learning and AI?

We know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more accurate than we humans are. For example at image recognizing. And though AI is not yet 100% accurate, they recognize images with smaller amount of errors than we humans do. What I’m trying to say, is that AI has a great potential for improving our lives and businesses. […]

Happy programming: How can you easily automate your development process?

It is a strange year, wherein we shifted from working at the office to working from our home offices. During my lunch break, I like to get some fresh air during a walk outside. It is nice to spend some time outside instead of staying in the house all day long. During these walks, I […]

Demo: Developing SAP Fiori apps in VS Code – Extensions introduction


In this short video we will show you how to get started with developing your own Fiori/SAPUI5 applications in Visual Studio Code (VS Code). We will demo the most important extensions are and how to use Yeoman to generate SAP templates. This way you can save time and start developing right away. Webinar: Development in […]

Wat is een Command Line Interface en waarom heb ik er één nodig?

De Command Line Interface (CLI) komt in steeds meer SAP ontwikkeltools voorbij. Ik (Iemke Kooijman) schreef dit blog om je een inzicht te geven in de werking van een CLI, de reden waarom je hem nodig hebt en om je te adviseren over het gebruik ervan. Tijdens de INNOV8iON webinar “Unboxing SAP Business Application Studio” […]