ChatGPT: A digital tool or threat?

In a world constantly evolving in information technology, we are at the dawn of a new era. This is because of such innovations as ChatGPT. A year ago no one knew this phenomenon but today almost everyone uses it. Within INNOV8iON, ChatGPT is almost hard to miss. But it is also becoming increasingly common within our sister company iQibt. “In our line of work, it’s important to embrace these kinds of tools because the impact is so great that the difference is going to be evident between those who use it and those who don’t.”

ChatGPT is an example of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capable of understanding and generating human texts. It can be used for a wide range of applications. These range from writing simple code to software development. Frank van Grevenstein, sales manager within INNOV8iON and iQibt: “ChatGPT is only the tip of the iceberg. After all, there are so many other AI applications in development that will dramatically change the way we work and communicate.”

Threat or enrichment?

Iemke Kooijman, INNOV8iON Partner, currently sees ChatGPT primarily as enrichment. “It’s actually going to help us in a lot of work areas because ChatGPT can take over repetitive work. For example, writing code consists of a lot of recurring patterns. Let ChatGPT generate that so I can focus on the quality tasks,” Iemke says. Julian Kuipers, Technology Expert also agrees. “It’s important to pay attention to Chat GPT because it’s going to be distinctive in the long run. For example, someone who uses ChatGPT does the work in one hour instead of eight,” says Julian.

Yet Julian is also convinced that ChatGPT may feel threatening to many. “This development may mean that people no longer have to do parts of their work themselves. But I do think everyone will have to get used to this. This train has started to move and cannot be stopped.”

Despite ChatGPT having only recently found its niche in our society, it need not pose a danger yet. Frank: “You can feel overwhelmed because we don’t yet know what kind of impact this is going to have. Still, it does depend on how you deploy it.” Julian agrees. “There are dangers of course but it also brings good things. Think of cash flows or calling family who live far away. But you can also get scammed or blackmailed. Therefore, keep thinking and checking if what you see is true. After all, naivet√© will be one of the biggest pitfalls.”


Match made in heaven

The digital assistant looks like a match made in heaven. Frank: “ChatGPT is going to lead to a big jump in productivity because a lot of standard work can be taken over.” What’s important in that, though, is continuous checking. “Of course it’s nice that writing code is a lot easier. But you still need human expertise to check whether it’s really correct,” Iemke says.

In addition to iQibt and INNOV8iON, large multinationals like SAP, are also embracing ChatGPT.”And they are not the only ones,” Iemke explains.”You see more and more companies starting to use the AI tool because it seems much more urgent than other hypes. This is because it is suddenly applicable to everyone.” During the weekly Friday afternoon drinks at INNOV8iON, you regularly hear the word ChatGPT come up. “I try to encourage people in this because it’s an important technology that’s playing out right now. That’s why we also align our knowledge sessions with it.”

The future of ChatGPT

What the upcoming years will look like, the three gentlemen do not dare to say with certainty. Iemke: “You are going to see an increasing difference in organizations that do or don’t use ChatGPT. Because they who use it can innovate much faster. Maybe not right away today but in the longer term.” That’s why iQibt and INNOV8iON think it’s important to pay attention to this. Julian: “By gaining experience on this, we can grow as experts in this and integrate AI with customers. The fear of AI will eventually slow you down instead of making you a frontrunner.”

The future will reveal exactly how ChatGPT will shape our world, but one thing is certain. We are at the beginning of an exciting journey in the world of artificial intelligence and information technology.

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