Unboxing the SAP Business Application Studio

Unfortunately, this event already took place. What was the event about?

You might be developing UI5 apps with or without Fiori Elements, and using a development environment for doing this.

This year SAP officially released the SAP Business Application Studio. The Application Studio is the new cloud-based development environment (an evolution of SAP Web IDE).

Visual Studio Code

But what’s exactly in this studio? Would this mean a replacement for the well-known WebIDE? Why would you switch? What are the advantages for you as a developer? Are there any disadvantages, and if yes, what are they? And how can you tackle these disadvantages?

This year (2020) our team organized in August an ‘unboxing webinar’. Missed it? Watch the recording or read our blogpost: 5 Reasons to use the SAP Business Application Studio.

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