Integrate app into Work Zone from a different subaccount


Not long ago, I (Julian Kuipers) was given a task that looked easy at first but turned out to be quite a puzzle. My job was to integrate a custom Fiori application, which has its own standalone approuter, into SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition. The tricky part was that the Fiori app and the […]

A deep-dive in SAP Fiori My Inbox


Every last Thursday of the month, we organize our INNOV8iON Days. The INNOV8iON Days focus on the latest technologies. Each INNOV8iON Day we select a new technology. These are researched and presented by colleagues to colleagues. A small selection of the 2023 topics: The main goal of the INNOV8iON Days is to stay as up-to-date […]

INNOV8iON Launches an Academy focused on SAP Fiori


Four years ago, we as INNOV8iON opened our doors to help organizations with challenges related to full stack development, low code focussed on the latest SAP technologies. In recent years, the demand for SAP Fiori increased more and more. For this reason, we launched an Academy focused on Fiori Training. “More and more organizations […]

How to simply activate a Fiori App?


When you’re just starting with Fiori, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the new terms and information. In this blog you’ll discover how to activate a SAP Fiori application in five simple steps: Step 1. Consult the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library. If you want to activate Fiori applications, the Fiori Apps Reference Library […]

INNOV8iON achieves SAP User Experience Expertise status.


INNOV8iON started in October 2018 to help organizations accelerating their business by using the latest SAP technologies like SAP Fiori, RPA, SAP Cloud and SAP BTP. In recent years, the demand for SAP Fiori developers increased. So the Utrecht-based company specialized more and more on improving user experience. SAP Fiori In the past, SAP was […]

Fiori in practice: RCN, National Office for the Caribbean


Last year we as INNOV8iON designed and implemented, together with our sister company iQibt, a new business management system for the Shared-Service organization of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN). In this article we briefly share our experiences with this exceptional customer. New business management system based on SAP Cloud technology As described, RCN was in need of […]

The five main benefits of SAP Fiori


SAP is making great progress with SAP Fiori, however, many organizations are still unaware of the added value Fiori offers. We have listed the five main advantages below: 1. Improved user experience The biggest advantage of SAP Fiori is of course the improved user experience. Fiori has clear screens that have been developed from the […]

SAP TechEd 2021: Some highlights


Last week, SAP enthusiasts were worldwide able to enjoy the latest technology announcements during the digital SAP TechEd. We have outlined some of the highlights and benefits in this article. SAP Low Code / No Code Business Application Studio With SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), SAP has launched a very powerful tool. BAS can be […]

Demo: Developing SAP Fiori apps in VS Code – Extensions introduction


In this short video we will show you how to get started with developing your own Fiori/SAPUI5 applications in Visual Studio Code (VS Code). We will demo the most important extensions are and how to use Yeoman to generate SAP templates. This way you can save time and start developing right away.